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Print on Demand – Short Run Books

Do you want only a few to a “few” thousand copies? If so, why print more? Taylor-Demers can:

  • digitally print your full colour covers
  • digitally print your black & white text
  • provide a variety of stocks to choose from
  • saddle stitch
  • mechanically bind
  • perfect bind
    • use PUR glue for strength and durability
    • Bourg single clamp perfect binder with PUR for digital print books
  • Square back saddle stitching

With Print-On-Demand (POD), Taylor-Demers prints only what you need, when you need it! With the focus on short runs and custom editions (for example, course-specific study books), we help position you for quick response to the ever-changing book market.

And …

this can be done as required, as the books are needed, no storage to worry about.

A cost effective solution to today’s changing book world.